Welcome to my site for Logan On Love. This website will serve as an extension of my heart, soul, and outlet for one of the most powerful forces on earth: love. Logan On Love is your outlet for love. Logan On Love is about your heart and the way you feel in/out of or about love..

Love applies to all kinds of relationships and aspects of life, and I am truly interested in the many or seldom ways love has impacted your life. I want to know because you are important and the way you feel matters and deserves to be known.

If you are interested in submitting love stories, letters, suggestions, questions (anything having to do with love, insight, or criticism about me or my show), feel free to contact me anytime and send those in. I would love to hear from you because LOL is all about you and love.

If there is anyway I can display the expressions of your heart, contact me through e-mail: logan@loganonlove.com. Or..
Other methods of contact include: The Logan On Love fb page , twitter @loganonlove , and the Logan On Love chat room (click here to open chat room)

I will be around to offer my opinion so that I can possibly guide you somewhere positive. I write articles for you to read, I offer my knowledge through experience and studies. I’ll do the best I can in presenting you with factual information about love. All that I attribute is based upon my experience and research.

I’ll be going through a wide range of love topics and if there are any topics you would like for me to cover, please let me know. If you have any questions about love, I will try to answer them. I am here for you in any way I can be.

I will have two shows a month, either two live ones, one live-one recorded, or two recordings. Each show will consist of either a topic about love, love advice, call-ins, and interviews (as far as I know at this point). Any topic or being oriented with love is subjected to my show..

Pre-recorded shows will air on Wednesdays and live shows will air on Fridays from 7-9 PM ESTFeel free to call-in during live shows and Wednesdays from 7-8 PM EST. All phone calls will be recorded. However, if you do not want your call to be recorded, I will respect your wishes.

E-mail: logan@loganonlove.com

Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you..

Sincerely, Logan

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