Degrading Love

3 Mar

I find that very often the term love is degraded. An example of this would be a person who says they are in love with someone they don’t really know. If you do not genuinely know  and appreciate who you love, then you are not actually in love because you do not know the person you are claiming to love and you can not appreciate what you do not know..

One person is just as complex as the next and there is much to know about each and every one of us. There is so much to appreciate. It’s just a shame sometimes how shallow people can be when it comes to relationships when there is so much depth involved. It’s much more than how “great” someone may look or appear to you at first. 

We must all look forward and imagine how life with these people will turn out. A person needs to know their self; know what he or she wants, before finding a long term love. It is what we should all search for. Not some temporary infatuation or lust. True love is everlasting. 

Another example would be a person who degrades love by abusing the one he or she claims to love and then continues to claim it again there after the constant abuse. Abuse is not love. If you decide to belittle the one you’re with, then you are deciding not to love a person who may love you. You are deteriorating a person’s soul and causing the person pain.

Manipulation is not love. Violence is not love. Bullying is not love. Mind-games are not love. Love requires care and empathy. If care and empathy are not present in your actions towards people you claim to love, then you are not actually loving. You are only claiming to love. All the while spreading that nonsense through the minds of others and ruining the name of love.. 

I Want You by Logan E. Legg

8 Jan

I want you to feel what you have missed.
Wishing I could kiss your face with tenderness.
My days waste knowing I’m not there for you.
But sometimes there is nothing else you can do.

Sometimes others make decisions for you.
Sometimes words can’t be used anymore.
Not because they don’t mean anything.
It’s just so your feelings can be out of it.

I see how you formed.
All tough and righteous.
All knowing and high.
The all entitled big shot you are.

But that’s not really you in there.

Someone robbed your soul.
And now you love to be hated.
You’d rather it be that way.
Loneliness used as a shield from pain others may cause you.

But only if you opened your eyes for a moment,
I could show you something real and true..
I could give you all you ever needed,
I could restore your heart like new.
I could be your best friend.
You would never be alone.

I could show you a love no one else could show..